Better Way To Use MOOC(for me)

Michael S
2 min readJul 15, 2019

MOOC(Massive Open Online Course)

1. Timing

Bad timing to take a course

Learning with MOOC without trial of reading documents and confronting projects by yourself (You don’t know what is difficult for you to understand and what you are missing. You just passively listen to their lecture.)


Plus you could think yourself to know and understand what you’ve learned through MOOC lecture(actually not!)


You try your project, then you are more likely to try to find something you don’t know through MOOC lecture, not public documents while you are doing your project. You will be the programmer incapable of referring to public document, only leaning on MOOC.

Better timing to take a course

You just dive into public documents of something you should know to do your project. Write and Make something!


You take some lectures after writing code and trying project. Now you know what part you would like to dig into, and you can focus on some parts you know know, and skip what you know exactly.


Apply what you learned to your project.

2. Better process to proceed the course (For non-english speaker)

Bad process

Take a lecture, Just follow the code on the screen, satisfied with completed code(but it is not yours actually!)

Better process

Listen from start to end without pausing, listen until you understand, you write your own code without watching any code on the screen, you find and listen to the only part you don’t understand.

3. The Best Timing, The Best Process

You have ability to learn without MOOC.

I am blogging what I’ve learned to find later here for myself. If you happened to read this shit and there is wrong information, it would be appreciated to add a comment below.