Public Documents

Michael S
1 min readMay 22, 2019


Want to be capable of solving problems only through public documents

When I confront new languages, frameworks, libraries, I tried to read public documents(public documents here mean documentation pages made and operated by makers group, companies and organizations), however documents were always not enough for me to solve problems. The reason is my lack of ability to go forwards only with references out of public documents, but there still exists bad documents and good documents which are well-categorized, readable and have easy examples that help us understand better. A list below is a stack of good documents(for me). The standard to pick documentations is very personal.

Documents that I like

Documents that I find it difficult to read out

I am blogging what I’ve learned to find later here for myself. If you happened to read this shit and there is wrong information, it would be appreciated to add a comment below.